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Welcome to the National Audit of Intermediate Care (NAIC 2017)


Registration for NAIC 2017 is now open

To register for this project, please log-in to the NHS Benchmarking Network’s members’ area. A password reminder is available by selecting ‘reset password’ via the above link.

Alternatively, if log-in details have not previously been assigned, please complete the Network’s log-in request form

NHS England are supporting the NAIC in 2017 and therefore it is free for all providers and commissioners of intermediate care services in England to participate in the project. 

Key benefits of joining the NAIC 2017

  • evidence to use in business cases, such as outcomes for your intermediate care services compared to others and cost comparisons with other areas
  • evidence  to use in reviewing intermediate care service provision, on key issues such as staffing levels and skill mix
  • evidence for performance management of your services against national performance on key efficiency metrics such as productivity and length of stay, including time series analysis where data has been supplied for consecutive years
  • invaluable evidence on patients’ experience and views about your intermediate care services 
  • access to your local results benchmarked against all other participants, via an online toolkit
  • free places for your team at the NAIC National Conference.

In addition, the Welsh Government and Northern Ireland Public Health Agency will be funding NAIC 2017 in Wales and Northern Ireland. 

HQIP support for the NAIC 

The Healthcare Quality Improvement Partnership (HQIP) has announced that the NAIC is to be included on the 2017/18 Quality Accounts list once again. It is mandatory for NHS Trusts to produce a quality account every year which details the provider’s participation in clinical audit. This means that providers must participate in NAIC, unless they have a sound rationale for not doing so. For more information about HQIP and Quality Accounts, including the reference to the relevant legislation, please see the Statutory and mandatory requirements for Clinical Audit guidance on the HQIP webpages.

NAIC resources 

National Audit of Intermediate Care 2017 - Summary project card 

National Audit of Intermediate Care 2017 - Audit overview 

National Audit of Intermediate Care 2017 - Audit proposal 

National Audit of Intermediate Care 2017 - Data sharing agreement

For further information 

Please contact:

Lucy Trubacik
Project Co-Ordinator
0161 266 1333
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