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Professor John Young, National Clinical Director for Integration and Frail Elderly, NHS England, has said:

The audit is important because it describes services that are otherwise relatively hidden from view in our conventional perception of health and social care. Yet intermediate care, or “care closer to home,” has been quietly developing during the last ten years or so.  The focus has always been that of older people with co-morbidities/frailty - just the group that is now so much in the forefront of health and social care thinking. And intermediate care services have always been a platform to develop new ways of working - particularly multi-agency working - and so it is highly relevant to our current interest in service integration. In a very real way, intermediate care occupies the middle ground and so facilitates a genuinely whole system approach. These services offer clear alternatives to our dominant system response of hospital care: step up care for admission avoidance; step down care for early hospital discharges. The current health and social care climate is one that has, for the first time, fully embraced the concept of whole systems working. More than ever before, therefore, the time of intermediate care services is now! This audit lays out where we are, and the nature of the journey-ahead.

The second year of the audit took place in 2013 with the findings reported at a national conference on 13th November 2013.

National audit of intermediate care key findings

The 2013 online benchmarking toolkit is now available to access here.

The online benchmarking tool is only available to audit participants. To check if your organisation took part in the audit scroll to the bottom of the page for a list of participants, if you have forgotten you login details please contact Lucy Trubacik

NB - Benchmarking Network members cannot use their Network login details to access the NAIC tool, if you wish to access the online benchmarking and your organisation took part please contact Lucy Trubacik

The full report from the NAIC 2013 is available to download here

NAIC National Conference 13th November 2013 - Birmingham

Nurse and patient

The second National Conference held on Wednesday 13th November 2013 at The ICC in Birmingham launched the year 2 findings from the National Audit of Intermediate Care (NAIC). The event was attended by over 400 delegates from across both health and social care. National speakers included Jon Rouse, Director General for Social Care, Local Government and Care Partnerships at the Department of Health, Professor John Young, National Clinical Director for Integration and Frail Elderly, NHS England and Dr Duncan Forsyth, Chair of the NAIC Steering Group and Consultant Geriatrician at Cambridge University Hospitals NHS FT.

Dr Duncan Forsyth Professor John Young

Resources/outputs from the NAIC National Conference

Claire Holditch, Project Director of the Benchmarking Network presented the findings of the NAIC 2013 audit. Professor John Gladman, Professor of Medicine of Older People at the Queen’s Medical Centre, Nottingham reviewed the findings of the service user outcomes and experience measures.

Claire Holditch John Gladman

Debbie Hibbert, Project Manager for the NAIC worked with a number of evidence based good practice commissioners and providers to develop a compendium of good practice case studies, a small number of these were presented during the conferences seminars along with sessions covering the 4 new areas of the audit, Patient Reported Experience Measures, Service user audit, Re-ablement services and crisis response.

Patient Reported Experience Measure
Service user audit (bed based services)
Re-ablement services
Crisis Response
East Lancashire
Brighton and Hove
Patient Stories (10 minutes)
Patient Stories (5 minutes)

Compendium of good practice case studies

Intermediate Care Case Study
Bristol CCG and City Council
5 Boroughs Partnership
Berkshire RACC
Stockport IC/Pharmacy
Pennine Acute
Cornwall EIS
Spiral CIC
East Cheshire NHS Trust
Stockport IC/CPN

Literature review

The literature review can be accessed here.

Adult and child

All delegates at the National Conference received a hard copy of the National Audit of Intermediate Care Report 2013 and organisations participating in the audit also received access to the NAIC Benchmarking Toolkit. Organisations who were not present at the National Conference on 13th September, but who participated in the NAIC, will receive a copy of the report via post. A PDF version of the report can be accessed here

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NAIC participants 2013

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