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Professor David Oliver, National Clinical Director for Older People, Department of Health, has expressed support of the NAIC with the following statement:

This national intermediate care audit makes an invaluable contribution to our understanding and takes us a major step forward towards really knowing what goes on in the "black box". It also provides a road-tested methodology for local providers and commissioners better to understand what is happening in their own patch. The audit has many virtues: It has been delivered by a genuinely interdisciplinary range of organisations and professions. It provides rich data at organisational level across a range of services nationally - both for "bed based" and "home based services" for "step up" and "step down" and crucially, because this is about patients and their families, it describes in detail what happens at the level of the individual - for several thousand patients. It has certainly enhanced my own understanding of intermediate care services and I am sure will be of wide use to the whole sector in shining a spotlight on this previously poorly investigated area. I commend the report and hope that it is only the start of a journey.

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The first year of the audit took place in 2012 with the findings reported at a national conference on 12th September 2012.

National audit of intermediate care key findings

The full report and an executive summary of the highlights and key findings from the NAIC 2012 is available to download here:

NAIC National Conference - 12th September 2012 - Birmingham

The first National Conference launching the findings from the National Audit of Intermediate Care (NAIC) was held on Wednesday 12th September 2012 at The ICC in Birmingham. The event was attended by around 400 delegates from across both health and social care. Keynote speakers at the National Conference were Professor Finbarr Martin, President of the British Geriatrics Society, and Damon Palmer, Department of Health Policy Lead for Health & Social Care Integration, Social Care, Local Government and Care Partnerships. The presentations from the two keynote speakers are available to download here:

Resources/outputs from the NAIC National Conference

Claire Holditch, Project Director of the Benchmarking Network presented the findings of the organisational level audit. Professor John Young, Professor of Elderly Care Medicine at the University of Leeds and Honorary Consultant Geriatrician at Bradford Teaching Hospitals reviewed the findings of the patient level audit. The presentations are available to download here

All delegates at the National Conference received a hard copy of the National Audit of Intermediate Care Report 2012 and organisations participating in the audit also received access to the NAIC Benchmarking Toolkit. Organisations who were not present at the National Conference on 12th September, but who participated in the NAIC, received a copy of the report via the post.

NAIC 2012 benchmarking toolkit

For access to the NAIC Benchmarking Toolkit 2012, please click here.

You will need to login as either a Commissioner or Provider, using your unique login code (from 2012) which you were originally given for completing the 2012 online audit, and then choose the “Benchmarking Toolkit” tab from the range of options. All data in the Benchmarking Toolkit is anonymised, and participating organisations are able to view their position on a wide range of benchmarking metrics for their particular organisation/health economy.

If you have forgotten your unique login code, please email Lucy Trubacik or call on 0161 266 1333.