The NHS Benchmarking Network works with its members and other professional bodies to understand the variation in demand, capacity and outcomes evident within the NHS and strives to define “what good looks like”. The Network supports providers in delivering optimal services within resource constraints, whilst also helping commissioners to achieve the best balance of provision from available commissioning resources. We provide comparable data and encourage sharing of good practice on a wide range of relevant topics, typically where little information is available from other sources.
Partnership Projects
The Network works in partnership with professional bodies and other partners wherever possible to engage NHS professionals in scoping, advising on, and enhancing the quality of, our projects. These projects are not included in the NHS Benchmarking Network core work programme and have their own subscription model to participate.

Current partnership projects include:

Network Projects

Using comparable benchmarks to identify outcomes and quality improvements, our comprehensive work programme for 2017/18 has been designed to guide NHS organisations towards a sustainable, transformed health service based on the nine key priorities outlined in the NHS operational Planning and Contracting Guidance.

Subscribing Members can utilise evidence from the Network’s projects to:

Define precise goals and strategic direction: Access comprehensive evidence to support members in meeting the national and local priorities outlined in the 2017-19 nine ‘must dos’.

Identify service improvement opportunities: Combine benchmarked information with evidence based good practice to identify key areas of service improvement and resource provision.

Support contract negotiations: Use tangible, validated and timely evidence to inform and support contract discussions.

Communicate transformation and change: Share best practice, supported by comparable benchmarks to champion your local and national services.

Learn and improve performance: Join a professional network and knowledge exchange forum to drive organisational learning. 

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Data outputs for all of last year’s benchmarking work programme is available to members from the members’ area.

Outputs from historic projects that are no longer open for new data collections can be found in the Archived projects Section in the members area. Projects include; Corporate Functions - Covering the provision and management of corporate functions across the NHS. Theatres - Providing the most comprehensive intelligence available on NHS operating theatres delivery and performance. Medicines Management - A key area that has major impact on both CCG/LHB finances and clinical outcomes. Pharmacy Services - Topics covered include the structure of pharmacy services, policies and procedures, hours of availability, IM&T, clinical pharmacy, home care and several case studies. Learning Disabilities for Providers and Commissioners - This project covers both the commissioning and provision of LD services across the NHS. Health outcomes benchmarker - Ability to view your performance on the Heath Outcomes Framework metrics in one easy to use tool.