Our Services

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The Benchmarking Network provides three core services to its subscribing members plus a range of bespoke projects.

Although we discuss our work with the various teams within DH and other policy organisations, the Network is an independent NHS organisation and exists to serve its members in undertaking benchmarking reviews and identifying good practice.

Members of the Network can shape the work programme by proposing new ideas for projects which are discussed by the Benchmarking Network Steering Group.

Benchmarking Services

At any time the Benchmarking Network is running a number of specific projects on topics suggested by members. We work in partnership with our members to agree project coverage and content. Projects typically fill the gaps in existing national data coverage. We target areas that have a high level of interest for members and deliver on current priorities. Member organisations have the opportunity to contribute data to these projects. The Network will then publish data comparisons and good practice identified. Contributors have access to the detailed data from other contributors, so Network members can see how they are performing against their peers and the rest of the NHS.



Knowledge Exchange

The Benchmarking Network has over 7,000 contacts within its member organisations. Network members have the opportunity to put questions to our member community on any issue and receive feedback along with useful contacts and resources. This has proved hugely popular with members and acts as a fast track route to accessing good practice and making contacts in organisations who have successfully implemented change and good practice.


Each year we hold a large number of seminars and workshops to scope and develop new projects and discuss findings from existing projects. These events provide an opportunity for members to share good practice and innovative ideas. Network events offer members the opportunity to learn from expert speakers and to communicate directly with each other on current topics. Our events are always evaluated positively by delegates who welcome the opportunity to hear about good practice and network with colleagues in other organisations.