Network membership

Our members say: “The Benchmarking Network is great! It’s very good value for money and provides useful outputs in a range of areas. The Network team are flexible and supportive to ensure the members can influence the agenda.”

Member feedback

Through an active membership spanning over 70% of NHS organisations that contribute to our comprehensive range of projects, we provide accurate and informative comparative data for strategic planning and service improvement programmes.

We are a member led organisation and all subscription fees fund the benchmarking work programme.  Membership subscription is open to all providers of publicly funded health and social care services.  The NHS Benchmarking Network Steering Group are pleased to announce that the Membership fee for 2017/18 will remain at £3,600 per NHS statutory organisation and £10,000 for private sector organisations and national bodies. The membership is renewed annually on the 1st April. 

To find out if your organisation is already a member of the Benchmarking Network go to Current Members for a full list of members.


Membership benefits

Define precise goals and strategic direction:

Comprehensive evidenceto support the development of Sustainability and Transformation Plansoutlined in the NHS Shared Planning Guidance.

Identify service improvement opportunities:

Comparative datadashboards to identify key areas of service improvement and resourceprovision.

Support contract negotiations:

Tangible and measurable evidence basedcomparisons for informed contract discussions and to substantiateresource proposals.

Communicate transformation and change:

Comparable benchmarks tocommunicate the need for service change to both internal and externalstakeholders.

Learn and improve performance:

A professional networking andknowledge exchange forum to drive organisational learning and bestpractice.


Why join?

We provide your teams with a comprehensive range of tools, information sources and support systems.

Secure online access to benchmark comparisons

Review your position on the latest benchmarked comparisons on investment, access, activity, workforce, outcomes, safety and quality. 

Free Network events

Keep ahead of the latest developments and have the opportunity to network with your peers.

Extensive projects

Get involved in an extensive range of projects to support planning and monitoring of service performance.

Good practice and case studies 

Learn from, and implement more rapidly, business solutions that are proven to be effective, accelerating tangible improvement results.

On-demand data expertise and support 

Access our help line and data validation service to support management time and resource.

Summary reports and graphics

Easy extraction of analytics and “at a glance” graphics allow timely and targeted information for reporting, briefing and presenting.

Knowledge Exchange Network

Gain specialist knowledge from resources and contacts within our established Knowledge Exchange Network.

Customised projects 

Utilise our highly experienced multidisciplinary team to deliver bespoke improvement projects.

The NHS Benchmarking Network will be launching the 2017/18 work programme early in the New Year, for further information about the NHS Benchmarking Network project topics and services, please download our brochure.

You can register your organisation below. If you have any questions, please contact Lindsey Ashley or call 0161 266 1997.